Original composition is the creation of a tailor-made, personalized and unique music for your movies, briefs, images and concepts.
At GUM Prod, we are working with over 400 music composers and this repertoire keeps increasing every day.
Our policy consists in offering you the most appropriate composer for your original composition.

Our producers are present throughout the whole creative process to best meet your needs and to guide you towards the most relevant and original solutions.

GUM Prod created the original compositions of the following movies :

• Peugeot l'entraînement

• Nissan Pulsar

• Peugeot 208 Feat. Novak Djokovic

• Nissan Juke

• Peugeot 208 30th birthday

Peugeot 508

Canal+ Bethleem

Carte Noire by Klaus Badelt

Desperados ‘Juggling’

Galaxy S4 ‘Life Is In The Little Things’